H20 Vase


What happens when you have a water balloon or bag with water - the knot falls off center and the object finds a resting place. Combining that idea with the start of a Veronese Vase led to this way of showcasing the flower, water and glass.

sm - med: avg. 7.5"h x 6"depth x 6.5" w

med - lg: avg. 8.5"h x 6.75"depth x 7.75"w

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Additional Info

Everything is handmade – no molds, colors and sizes may vary but I will aim to give you the best product – the product that I use in my daily needs. Some items will be in stock others will be made as ordered therefore a 3-6 week lean time can be expected.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in different colors, sizes or would like to make an item more personal in someway that makes it true to me the maker and you.