tdl – transference design lab started while working on my MFA at the Rhode Island School of Design.  During that time of study I started to investigate everyday items – items of utility that are precious and items that are discarded.  A silver cup or crystal bowl to a chip bag and a plastic cup.  I also asked my self how can I get glass to appear to be more manipulatable, imperfect and ergonomical? 

These wares come out of desire to enjoy crafted drinks and foods, fresh cut flowers and companionship with friends and loved ones. 

Basically in the end a chip bag can inspire a votive and a water balloon can inspire a vase – I look forward to producing these products and I hope that you consider them as one of your daily objects. 

First and foremost I believe in material integrity then material economy.  Please enjoy browsing and check back to see new products and limited editions. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in different colors, sizes or would like to make an item more personal in someway that makes it true to me the maker and you.


DH McNabb at the Corning Museum of Glass